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/Q/ - Indelicates

"They’ve youth; they’ll walk it out like a favourite pair trainers. It’s a poem this youth and why should they know it, as the five of them move up the empty corridors? We should get shoved aside cause they have it now, in glow of skin and liquid clarity of deep eye on coming June nights and ’cause it will go ... After all what do we amount to but a load of old worn-out shoes?" - Alan Warner


Anonymous 04/27/24(Fri)10:44:59 No.911891818   [Reply]
Owls. FEMA. Finland. Reptilians. JFK. Morgan. HMS Titanic. ELISA-LAM. watch the skies. watch Ingolstadt. Patriots assemble.


Anonymous 01/05/24(Fri)10:44:59 No.911891818   [Reply]
In Public? The Road less traveled is the road traveled backwards. Unmake America. Unmake the world. I am not suicidal. #watctwtr


Anonymous 01/26/24(Fri)10:44:59 No. 16485134   [Reply]
L.A., San Bernadino, Hesperia, Victorville, Helendale, Barstow, Baker, Searchlight, Kingman, Peach Springs, Seligman, Ash Fork, Williams. #WATCTWTR #WWG1WGA


Anonymous 01/05/24(Fri)10:44:59 No.911891818   [Reply]
Cold War Bop. Who is listening? Why? What is 2.6.24? Ask your mother. Ask Roseanne. Patriots assembling - follow the leaders. Tune your stereos.


Anonymous 01/05/24(Fri)10:44:59 No. 123456789   [Reply]


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